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Present yourself on DVN

DVN enables Sikh activists to present their projects and organizations on our online giving platform, allowing donors to make an informed and convenient choice.

here’s what you can do next...

Understand our application process

We thank you for your work on behalf of the Sikh Community, and we’re excited to potentially partner with you. By clicking on "documents" below, you will be able to download a PDF explaining our application process. However, you will need to return to this page and join as an organization or start a project to register on DVN.

Start A Project

We invite Sikh activists to partner with DVN to raise awareness and request funding for their initiatives from the community. Upon approval, your project will be made available to volunteers and donors (please see “Understand Our Application Process” to the left for details on how we evaluate projects). If you are an individual or start-up project team please click on "start project" below.

Join As An Organization

DVN is here to help you build another reliable stream of funding so you can focus on bringing your projects to successful completion. Please click on "add your org" below to join as an established non-profit or 501(c)(3). From your administration panel, you will be able to list out the specific projects for which you would like to request support.

Create a Fundraising Page

You don't have to be in an organization or start a project to create impact! As an individual, you can set up a fundraising page through DVN to raise awareness and raise funds for any project on our platform. It's an easy, fun, and quick way to get involved and help your favorite project meet its fundraising goal! Just sign in with your DVN account, click on "my profile" on the top right, select "DVN Fundraisers" on the left, and select "Create Fundraiser."