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For the last few years our organization has been serving a basic need many of us take for granted, Food. There are millions around the globe and right here in the richest nation in the world, the United States of America who suffer from food insecurity, not having access to nutritious meals. 

Our work has focused on the most vulnerable in our communities. People and families who are poor and low income. There are others whose circumstances have changed for the worse. 

In the tradition of langar started by Guru Nanak Dev Ji we extend this seva across space and time into communities across the globe just like the Guru intended. 

We go to Gurudwaras and see the great tradition of langar serving cooked meals. With the Langar serving as our foundation we look out into the world to those who are less privileged than us with more urgent needs. 

We have served cooked meals to the most vulnerable from Southern California to Seattle to New York to Punjab to Delhi and many cities around the globe. We serve people regardless of their faith, background, race, gender and other demographic traits.

We are in need to create a more dedicated infrastructure to continue this seva for years to come. We look to you today to fulfill an urgent need for a refrigerated truck. Our request is defined below:


What do we need?

1 Refrigerated truck in Southern California

How much does a used refrigerated truck cost?

About $30,000 for a used truck.


What are the ongoing costs of the truck?

Average monthly expense: $1167/month

- Insurance (Cargo/Physical Damage/Liability): $550/month

- Gas: $400/month

- Maintenance: $400/6 months

- Truck Parking: $150/month

Where will this truck be housed?

At a truck parking lot in Southern California

Who will maintain it?

Our team of volunteers that regularly participates in Langar sewa across Southern California. 

How many days will it operate?

3 times per week

How are we deciding which communities to support? 

- We serve impoverished areas impacted by hunger and food insecurity. Covid-19 has exacerbated these issues

- Our Feed the Hungry programs have been thriving in the California region for close to 5 years, serving over 120 cities, 5000 families door-to-door for requests received through our UMEED hotline

- Over 100,000 meals have been served to shelters, senior care homes, orphanages, hospitals, unsheltered homeless communities

- Thousands of families have been served via drive-thru food pantry distributions in the most desperate neighborhoods across Southern California

- The truck will also be used to take relief supplies to disaster-stricken areas across California impacted by earthquakes and wildfires as evidenced by acres of wildfires forcing hundreds of thousands of families out of their homes within the last few years

  • 08/15/2021

    Serving a Growing Community

    Thanks to your support and contributions we are able to serve a growing community of homeless individuals in more need than ever. For this Saturday's seva, we had clothes, hygiene supplies, burritos, sandwiches, juice, water, and bananas. Between setting up our table and walking distribution across pockets of homeless populations in Downtown Los Angeles, we had over 400 people served this time.

  • 06/14/2021

    Thank you!

    Sangat ji,

    With your help we're inching towards our goal. Sharing some images of the sewa you're helping support. We thank you, our dedicated volunteers and donors, and Akaal Purakh Waheguru ji for making this happen week after week for over 5 years now.


  • 04/05/2021

    With your support, the seva continues on!

  • 11/22/2020

    The Singh Who Quit His Job For Seva

    Amarpreet Singh quit his job as the vice president of a small startup company in September 2019 so he could focus all of his efforts on volunteer work indefinitely.

    The Bay Area resident is the Northern California Area Coordinator for UNITED SIKHS. Listen to his story in his own words through the link below:

    The story of a Sikh volunteer who quit his job for seva

    Read a news report about his seva:


  • 11/17/2020

    Thank you!

    You’ve been an integral part of our disaster relief missions; you've been there and contributed your valuable time, ideas and funds for humanitarian aid missions around the world. Let’s get together again to contribute towards a much-needed refrigerated truck to support our efforts. Our own truck will save thousands of dollars in truck rentals and give us more flexibility in delivering relief supplies to those that need it most, as many times as needed. More details about this request are in the link below. 
    More Information

  • 11/05/2020

    2020: Serving the Survivors of the Pandemic


    The unprecedented global tragedy of Covid-19 has led to the most expansive relief efforts since the founding of UNITED SIKHS in 1997. It started with a request from the New York Office of Emergency Management in March to deliver over 30,000 meals in New York City as the pandemic cast its dark shadow on this global city. We set up an emergency hotline in North America to serve the needs of the most vulnerable from frontline workers, homeless, elderly, poor and at-risk individuals. 

    We expanded our efforts globally to serve communities from the US to Europe, Australia, Asia and India. Hundreds of volunteers from all walks of life have stepped forward to serve. Generous donors have provided funds and grocery supplies to make our work possible. We are committed to offer basic life affirming needs of countless impacted around the globe by this pandemic. The infographic below represents the scope of these humanitarian efforts.


Name Donation Date
R. S. $500.00 September 2021
R. S. $500.00 August 2021
Anonymous $1,000.00 August 2021
R. S. $500.00 July 2021
Administrator Dasvandh Network $500.00 June 2021
R. S. $500.00 June 2021
R. S. $1,000.00 June 2021
R. S. $500.00 May 2021
Vikram Singh $90.00 April 2021
R. S. $500.00 April 2021
Anonymous $50.00 April 2021
R. S. $500.00 March 2021
R. S. $500.00 February 2021
R. S. $500.00 January 2021
Ray Matharu $101.00 January 2021
Gagandeep Grewal $100.00 December 2020
R. S. $500.00 December 2020
Brett Medina $400.00 November 2020
Gurpreet Singh Behniwal $400.00 November 2020
H. J. $10.00 November 2020
Anonymous $100.00 November 2020
R. S. $500.00 November 2020
Anonymous $250.00 November 2020
Anonymous $1,000.00 November 2020
Anonymous $250.00 November 2020
Anonymous $250.00 November 2020

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