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Sidak is a distinctive leadership development program for adults aged 18-40 that has been offered every summer for 17 years. Through the lens of bani, tvarikh (history), and rahit (code), participants are offered an intense two-week immersion into the Sikh culture, language, and values that allow them to develop the skills required to be leaders in their communities and workplaces.

In 2021, Sidak will be held from July 25 – August 7, 2021, in Mission, BC, Canada.

As a Sikh leadership development program, Sidak holds enormous educational and experiential value for its participants that is no less than transformational. Participants learn to think and act like a Sikh in an open environment where no question is sacred or profane.

Over the years Sidak has come to be recognized as a prominent avenue for young adults and professions to develop leadership skills and further their self-development, from many countries like the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. It has immense potential to transform and propel the young generation to take up leadership roles in the community.

Sidak has trained over 400 graduates in the past 17 years. Many of them have gone on to acquire leadership roles in the community:

  • Ami Kaur Dang (musician and multimedia artist)
  • Charandeep Singh (founder of The Sikh Food Bank & Executive Sikhs of Scotland)
  • Gunjiv Singh “Baagi” (musician and rapper)
  • Jagmeet Singh “Hoodini” (musician and rapper)
  • Jaskaran Kaur (Co-founder and Co-director, ENSAAF)
  • Jasmeet Singh “Jus Reign” (internet superstar)
  • Jasmine Kaur (former Program Associate, ENSAAF)
  • Manbeena Kaur (former Education Director, Sikh Coalition)
  • Narvir Singh (filmmaker)
  • Manjinder Singh (Harvard Medical School)
  • Guntaas Kaur (VP British Columbia, World Sikh Organization)
  • Ryan Singh Kohli (human rights lawyer)
  • Sonny Singh Brooklywala (musician, writer, activist)


Besides our core courses in Sikhi, sessions on leadership development and community building round out the Sidak experience. All of these courses are taught by Sikh Research Institute (SikhRI) team, including staff, board members, and volunteers who make the trip to Sidak on their own personal time. The bonds that Sidakers form with their instructors and other students inspire them towards education and activism long after the program allows them to infuse the Sikh spirit into their future goals and successes.

A program like Sidak requires huge human and financial capital to run. It also happens to be the most subsidized program at SikhRI, with up to 80% of participants requesting financial assistance or a fee waiver. Sidak program fee only partially covers the overall program cost, which includes amongst other things, volunteer and instructor travel expenses, lodging, meals, supplies, etc.

Many of the participants are not able to make it unless granted full or partial fee waivers. Your gift allows a young adult to spend two weeks immersed in the beauty of Sikhi— becoming more confident in their understanding of Gurbani, more comfortable in the roots, history, and foundations of Sikhi. It is up to us to make sure that each young Sikh adult who aspires to be a part of this unique two weeks learning experience to get a chance to do so and make for a more introspective Sikh and possibly a leader of tomorrow.

We appeal to you to generously donate to the project to make it a success. We hope that the Dasvandh Network sangat will look at Sidak favorably and support it wholeheartedly. With this campaign, we wish to raise $10,000 for fee sponsorships.

We leave you with relevant information on Sidak, including an overview of Sidak, respective track information, testimonials, and stories written by Sidak alumni speaking of their experience at Sidak.


Sidak – Introduction: 

Sidak 2019

Track Information:

Gurbani 101

Sikhi 201

Sikhi 101

  • 07/23/2021

    July 2021

    As we approach mid summer, we at Sikh Research Institute are focused on Sidak. Sidak is an experience for those aged 18-40 to strengthen their connection to the Sikh faith while developing their leadership skills. Since 2003, the Sidak program has been transforming young adults into Sikhi-inspired leaders through the lens of the Gurmat framework based on Bani (text), Tavarikh (history), and Rahit (lifestyle). From July 26 - July 30, Sidak is moving online for a 5-day exploration of the Bani of Guru Nanak Sahib “Sidh Gosti: A Virtual Sidak Course.” In this immersive experience, participants will dive deeper into Sidh Gosti through the lens of Gurmat (the Guru’s Wisdom) and have the opportunity to be inspired by the facilitators and the other participants. Each day will consist of a Hukam reflection, an interactive themed activity, and a learning session. It will provide participants with an opportunity to enhance their personal relationship with IkOankar, engage in critical conversations about issues affecting Sikhs and the Panth, and develop opinions on non-Sikh issues that are supported by a Gurmat framework. 

    Your investment in Sidak allows young Sikh leaders in our communities to gain the knowledge and tools to affect change in our Panth and the world. Since 2003, Sidak has had 440 participants from 9 countries, and the alumni have been involved in changes in their communities as well as globally. 

    “This program also allowed me to evaluate the major historical events critically and to develop a response to current events through the lens of Sikhi, including Gurbani, Tvarikh and Rahit” - Sukhdeep Singh.

    “Sidak has encouraged me to start critically thinking about the things I do pertaining to Sikhi. I used to just trust what I was told and felt like I couldn’t and shouldn’t question it, but now I have resources to get answers to questions I have, and I know that it is not only okay but also important to question. “ - Mehakleen Kaur

    Your generous donation will provide applicants with the ability to participate in a five day Virtual Sidak course led each day by our diverse and engaging facilitation team, many of whom are Sidak alumni. This Virtual Sidak is free for participants. The cost of making this possible is $15,000 USD and we are asking you for your support in reaching our goal. Your donation is an investment in raising the next generation of Sikhs to think and act like Sikh ambassadors. 

  • 08/04/2019

    Sidak 2019

    Sidak has wrapped up for another year. The 17th annual leadership program, which took place from July 21 to August 3 in Mission, BC brought together participants from around the world. 32 Sidakers and 15 staff members and facilitators from seven countries which included Australia, Canada, Sweden, Malaysia, China, UK and the US, cam together for two weeks to connect, learn and grow.

    Sidak impacts thoes who attend in many ways, including inspiring Sidakers to continue after Sidak is over.

    "It [Sidak] has impacted me to start thinking about the world around me by encouraging me to bring Gurbani and our Sikh ideals into everyday life, which I did not do before. I am excited to continue understanding the meaning of Gurbani and taking inspiration from our history to apply it to my life." - Simran Kaur, Sidak Alumni 2019

    Sidak 2019 was composed of three in-depth tracks that ran simultaneously:

    During Sidak, all participants learned to explore personal and panthak issues through a Gurmat framework based on Bani (wisdom), Tavarikh (history), and Rahit (lifestyle) to ultimately develop their own views and solutions to pressing problems worldwide.

    As we look to Sidak 2020, we strongly encourage you to start a recurring donation if you have not done so already.  Your donation will help continue the work that has already started to update the curriculum for these and new tracks coming up next year. 

  • 08/30/2018

    Project Update

    Sikh Research Institute (SikhRI) is delighted to announce the completion of the 16th consecutive annual Sidak leadership program, which took place from July 22 to August 4 in Mission, BC.

    Sidak has changed the way I think about Sikhi, from a set of rules to something that provides the foundation for how I live my life and the goals that I set for myself. — Roop Kamal Kaur, Sidak 2018 participant

    This year’s program brought together 31 Sidakers and 13 staff members and facilitators from six nations (Australia, Canada, India, Italy, UK, USA) for two weeks of enlightenment at the Khalsa Centre in Miracle Valley.

    As customary after every Sidak, testimonials and reviews from all participants were collected, and this year we are nothing short from being astounded by their positivity. Consider this response from 2018 Sidaker, Prabhnoor Singh:

    I will go back being more inspired than ever to actually begin implementing a daily discipline so that I can work towards cultivating the love of Guru within myself and channeling that energy towards the wider community.

    Or this reflection on her path from a fellow Sidaker, Amanpreet Kaur:

    I had a lot of growth I needed to do. I still need to grow, but this was the push I needed to go in the right direction. I needed a positive environment full of love and support that would help me with Sikhi. I could not have asked for anything better.

    Sidak 2018 was composed of three in-depth tracks that ran simultaneously:

    During Sidak, all participants learned to explore personal and panthak issues through a Gurmat framework based on Bani (wisdom), Tavarikh (history), and Rahit (lifestyle) to ultimately develop their own views and solutions to pressing problems worldwide.

    With the 2018 program now wrapped up, we strongly encourage you to start a recurring donation if you have not done so already.  Your donation will help continue the work that has already started to update the curriculum for these and new tracks coming up next year. 

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