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This summer, three young volunteers are embracing the endless roadways, lone mountain passes and vibrant cities of North America to seek and document the last remaining stories of Partition. Those survivors who remember are far and few, and usually at least eighty or ninety years of age.

Each volunteer plans to collect fifteen stories, and then work with a professional production team and archivist to forever preserve the stories and share them with the world.

For months now, in between classes, on weekends and after work, they have been training rigorously in California, following the guidelines set forth by the Oral History Association. Each volunteer has conducted between 10 and 100 interviews. Now, they will devote their skills and time to preserving this history for everyone''s benefit.

If we do not do this now, who else will? There will be no second chance.

A number of community members are generously providing the volunteers a place to stay, food and lodging. To carry forward this work however, they still require equipment and travel support.
We invite you to contribute to this cause.

Join us in making this happen! Help us save 45 stories!

Together we will educate future generations and create a more enlightened world. Education is the key to future prevention.

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J. K. $20.00 December 2016
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V. S. $25.00 November 2016
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M. S. $100.00 March 2015
A. S. $100.00 December 2014
G. S. $50.00 November 2014
A. D. $100.00 June 2014
A. N. $100.00 November 2013
D. M. $200.00 November 2013
R. J. $200.00 November 2013
D. M. $89.00 November 2013
D. M. $20.00 November 2013
N. K. $20.00 November 2013
I. S. $89.00 November 2013
M. S. $50.00 April 2013
S. P. $50.00 January 2013
J. S. $10.00 January 2013
J. S. $25.00 January 2013
H. B. $100.00 December 2012
M. S. $40.00 September 2012
H. S. $10.00 May 2012
M. S. $250.00 May 2012
I. S. $100.00 April 2012

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