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Save Punjab Youth from Drugs

A project of The Kalgidhar Trust/Baru Sahib
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65% of Punjab’s youth are addicted to drugs.* We need your support to construct a new state of the art de-addiction center in Chunni Kalan to address the growing drug problem amongst the youth in Punjab (Source)



‘Punjab’ is the combination of two Urdu words (Panj + Aab) derived from the fact that there are five rivers flowing through this sacred land. This is really a sad thing that today one more ‘river of Drugs’ is flowing here and the Punjabi youth has drowned in this river. We conservatively estimate that over 65% of the youth in Punjab is on drugs.

There is a steep rise in drug addicts in the recent past. More alarming is the fact that the majority of them belong to the age group of 15 to 30 years. As per the reports, the pattern of addicts admitted in de-addiction centres is as follow:

These numbers are just the tip of the iceberg since not even 3% of addicts are admitted to rehabilitation centres. On top of it, the data about drug consumption among girls is not even on records. Most of these drug addicts, including the girls, do not acknowledge that they are addicts and need treatment. Therefore, this situation is very alarming.

There is a severe shortage of effective de-addiction centres in Punjab to treat the affected youth:

  1. The biggest issue is that there aren’t a sufficient number of de-addiction centres to treat all of the patients.
  2. The cost of privately run de-addiction centres is quite high. Therefore, the children of low-income group families are deprived of treatment and in many cases, they spoil their own as well as their family’s life. Many of them commit suicide because of their guilt. It is really very sad that a youth loses his life just because he could not get treatment to get out of the trap of drugs.
  3. Not all de-addiction centers have good doctors & staff in place. This leads to low success rate and high relapse of treated cases.

How do we plan to combat this issue?

We are constructing a state of the art De-addiction center in village Chunni Kalan of Fatehgarh Sahib district in Punjab to address this problem.

We already are successfully running de-addiction centers in Village Cheema Sahib which was established in 2004, district Sangrur in Punjab and at Baru Sahib, Himachal Pradesh. Till date 6255 total no. of patients treated in these centers.

Dr. (Col.) Rajinder Singh, a young at heart Psychiatrist of 87 years, of The Akal De-addiction Center at Baru Sahib leads this effort and we have treated more than 10000 patients. We have a unique way of treating patients that have led to a very high success rate of 96%

  • As per the memoire - DRUG ADDICTION, written by Dr. (Col.) Rajinder Singh, treatment of Drug Addicts has been divided into nine phases including psychological counselling where each patient is interviewed and assessed to evaluate his motivational level & personality. Emphasis is given to holistic management of Drug abuse cases, by incorporating the spiritual component along with the conventional approach.
  • The Gurbani quote ‘Man Jeete Jag Jeet’ is the motto of our Akal De-addiction center at Baru Sahib, to develop the mental strength of the patients in order to say NO to drugs in their routine life
  • We provide subsidized to free treatment to patients who can’t afford the costs.
  • We seek your support to construct this De-addiction Centre to treat and bring these innocent victims of addiction back into the mainstream.


The cost is huge but we are sure with the blessings and support of Sangat ji we shall be able to erect this new de-addiction facility soon at Chunni Kalan.

Do join us in saving the lives of the drug addicts and help thousands more in their survival against drugs. These drug patients seek our love and respect on their way to recovery.

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