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All persons are priceless gifts of God. Some are unfortunate enough to be parted from their families. They remain stranded on the road sides in extreme weather conditions without food, shelter and care. These helpless citizens spend their days and nights in very inhuman conditions even worse than stray animals. The Society, Prabh Aasra, makes efforts for rehabilitation of these neglected and under privileged citizens. Someone has rightly remarked "that there is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of way to make life beautiful for others". Prabh Aasra is making efforts in bringing a hope of rehabilitation to a hurting world where no one should cry for treatment, care food, clothes shelter, justice and fresh water/air etc. Since the inception of Society in 2004, 1844 inhabitants were admitted out of whom were 1189 reunited with their families after reviewing them mental health. As on date 432 residents are living in the Society.

There is great inflow of inhabitants to the Society who are sent for admission by various senior Government Authorities, Hospital Authorities and Police. With increasing number of residents the paucity of space is happening every time. As against 400 residents we have kitchen and dining hall of the capacity of 100 persons approximately constructed only 8 years ago at Kurali branch. In these 8 years the number of residents has increased by 4 folds, but the space of dining hall did not increase. It is our earnest desire and need also to cook and serve the meals to residents in very hygienic manner. As medicines are important for good health of residents similarly the good, hygienic and nitrous   food is very important for their health.  Due to paucity of space food cannot be cooked and served to inhabitants properly. Some have to take it in dining hall on dining table and other have to take it on ground in Verandas and other places. 

To overcome the difficult of shortage of kitchen & dining space, the Society proposes to construct new spacious kitchen and dining hall to serve the meals at least to 300 residents at a time on dining tables in very hygienic manner. The land has already been purchased by Society for the construction of Langer Hall (kitchen and dining hall) the estimated cost is as under:

Langar Hall Project (Semi furnished Structure)

Exchange rate assumption - 1(USD)=70(INR)

23769 Square feet area, Rs. 1500 cost per square feet

Prabh Aasra is totally dependent on philanthropists to meet it's budgetary requirements. Currently the monthly budget for operational expenses is in excess of USD 45000.00.

Prabh Aasra Current Monthly Operational Expenses in USD

  • 04/11/2021

    2021 Update

    With the help of Dasvandh network and donors we were able to start a healthcare facility on 22nd Feb. 2021 which is a part of our hospital project. Daily average of outdoor patients at our current hospital is 125. Right now we have few specialists like gynecologist,  psychiatrist, eye specialist, dentist and physiotherapist who are providing their services to needy citizens. We have set up a diagnostic centre and emergency minor OT. Unconditional 24/7 ambulance services are available on site. We have also opened a pharmacy on the premises which is providing a great relief to the people in need. 

    With the blessings of almighty and valuable contributions from sangat we are constantly working on the expansion of the hospital, as it is very important for everyone to have a proper access to affordable health care. Click here to watch short video on our current facility. 

    We salute the Dasvandh Network team for your constant support and contributions towards the welfare missions all over the world. 

  • 10/28/2020

    Project Update

    Prabh Aasra provides the opportunity for treatment, rehabilitation, and shelter to the deprived and ignored helpless who are mentally/physically ill, orphaned, handicapped destitute. The Prabh Aasra team is currently supporting more than 400 inmates in 3 different campuses in Punjab, India.

    All people are priceless gifts of God. Some are so unfortunate to be separated from their families. They remain stranded on the roadsides in extreme weather conditions without food, shelter, or care. These helpless citizens spend their days and nights in very inhuman conditions, even worse than stray animals.

    The Society, Prabh Aasra, makes efforts to rehabilitate these neglected and underprivileged citizens. As it has been said, there is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.

    Prabh Aasra is making efforts to bring hope of rehabilitation to a hurting world where no one should cry for treatment, care, food, clothes, shelter, justice, and fresh water/air etc. 

    Since the establishment of Prabh Aasra in 2004, 1900 inhabitants were admitted, out of whom 1249 have been reunited with their families after rehabilitation and reviewing their mental health. As of October 2020, 402 residents are currently living in the Prabh Aasra. Out of the current 402 residents, 75 are children, 139 are male, and 188 are female.

    Objective of the organization:

    • To provide care, treatment and run rehabilitation and entertainment for inhabitants.
    • To spread awareness about social evils and health hazards.
    • To assist the nation during natural disasters and national crisis.
    • To cooperate and assist other Charitable Trusts/ Societies/Institutes that have similar objectives.
    • To hold free medical camps in rural areas.
  • 09/02/2018

    Project Update

    Prabh Aasra, aims help individuals with persistent and serious mental illness to develop the emotional, social and intellectual skills needed to live, learn and work in the community with least amount of professional support. Our goal would not be possible without moral and financial support of our revered donors. Through the philanthropic support of our community of donors we can reach to higher levels of excellence in rehabilitation, medical care, education of the residents living in our Society.

    Since the inception in the year 2004, 1618 inhabitants were admitted to Society, out of which 1059 have been reunited with their families. As on date 370 residents including 9 infants are living in Prabh Aasra. Their daily needs, food, medicine, clothes, hygiene is taken care of because they are not able to take care of themselves being either mentally/physically challenged or lost their mental balance due to stress, depression, extreme cruelty, social injustice or torture.
    In 2017, 170 new admissions were made to the Society. They have been brought for admission by various Government Agencies such as District Child Protection Officer, District Social Security Officer, SDM, Panchayats, Municipal Committees, Police Personnel's, Hospital Authorities and Volunteers of Society. The new entrants are comprised of 58 males, 70 females, 21 male children and 21 female children.


    Mission Milaap

    To make the missing or abandoned resident of Society to rejoin his family, every effort is made to trace the families of the inhabitants and send them to their homes. During the period under report 111 inmates, comprising of 37 males, 43 females, 15 male children and 17 female children, were reunited to their families.

    Education and Vocational Training

    Twenty-four children have been admitted to various schools of the town for education. Teachers have been engaged to take the tuition of these children after their school hours in the Padiala Ashram. Apart from them, special children are studying in Special Schools at Ludhiana, Faridkot, Patiala and Chandigarh. Vocational Teachers have been employed by the Society. They teach vocational crafts to the inmates who have improved their health and are able to learn crafts. The inhabitants prepare candles, toys, tapestry items and painting, wall hangings etc.

    For regular updates, please follow Prabh Aasra @

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