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Our goal is to subsidize the costs for all the clinics of ten of our chapters. With the donations, we will be able to provide blood pressure screening, blood sugar monitoring, doctor consultation, health/diet education, and so much more for over 4000 community members across California. With any leftover funds, we are hoping to improve the quality of our clinics by hiring professionals to hold workshops for our Sangat members (topics for such workshops include nutrition, disease and medicine education, and insurance).

To provide all the above services, we spend $0.80 per visitor. These costs are for lancets, glucose-measuring machine strips, blood pressure machines, garbage bags, gloves, and numerous other miscellaneous items.

By providing this figure, we do not intend to lessen the value of our visitors to a simple number; we believe that our conversations with the Sangat are much more valuable than $0.80, both for us as the Sevadaars and (hopefully) for those we serve. Hopefully, however, it helps you realize how much of a difference you can make with a few dollars.

So, please help and DONATE TODAY.

  • 05/15/2021

    Give Back to Gurdwaras

    In a response to the pandemic. We started the Give Back to Gurdwaras project. Where we undertook the responsibility in helping out the gurdwara that were in need of medical supplies and face masks. Now those same Gurdwara are vaccinations sites so our Volunteers are currently helping at the clinics. Here is an excerpt of one of our volunteer’s testimony.

    "Sikhi is all about humanity first. As we face this pandemic together, it is crucial we are there for those who need help. Volunteering at your local Gurdwara Sahib’s clinic is an opportunity to establish responsibility and work ethic for our generation. This experience has molded my ability to assist hundreds of individuals, as I come to realize different ways to give back to our community. Waheguru has given me the chance to do seva and I will continue to volunteer as a member of this society."- Simranjit Kaur Sokhi



  • 02/11/2021

    Pandemic Update

    Since the start of the pandemic, our regular clinics at local gurdwaras and other in-person community service events have been put on a temporary pause. We've since mobilized volunteers throughout California and organized the Give Back to Gurdwaras project, which volunteers are actively participating in from their local areas. The goal of this project is to continue serving gurdwara communities, specifically gurdwara employees and sevadars. Chapter leaders have collaborated to develop the "Adopt-A-Gurdwara" service framework, where each chapter takes responsibility for at least one gurdwara that they're affiliated with.

    Through this framework, chapter leaders are providing linguistically- and culturally-relevant health education resources to gurdwara leadership, delivering presentations, and helping gurdwaras implement COVID-specific precautionary measures. BPSHI volunteers are also working to build trust between sangat members and health professionals by educating sangat about vaccinations.

    We're honored and humbled to continue serving our communities, bridging gaps in access to healthcare, and following a framework which is sensitive to Punjabi and Sikh communities. For more information, to get involved, or to provide feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact or

  • 08/20/2018

    Project Update 1

    2017 IN REVIEW

    Continuous Service & Engagement – Our network of over 400 volunteers across California continue to host free health screenings and health education seminars at over 40 sites, including gurudwaras and other community centers.  In addition to health screenings, our members are also facilitating dialogue on women’s health, mental health, healthcare access, youth empowerment, and disparities in their local communities.

    Leadership Retreat September 2017 - Leaders from each of our chapters gathered to train, align goals and values, and strategize so that we could support creativity and quality care across all of BPSHIs efforts.

    Accessible Resources - Our website has been updated to include links to printable resources tailored to the Punjabi community, including healthy portion sizes, exercises, tips for getting the most of your daily walk, and more. 


    “Monitoring & Evaluation Project” - Health Advocacy Through Data Collection
    We will be implementing a chapter-wide effort to collect data on community members’ blood pressure, glucose, body mass indexes, insurance, and more. Our work will be digitalized on a new server via an accessible app that will allow us to easily use our data to analyze health and demographic trends.

    “Monthly & Annual Reports” - Collective Learning & Constant Improvement
    We will be implementing a monthly report system to learn about each one of our chapters, the sangat they serve, and the new resources they are making. At the end of the year, these reports will be compiled to not only allow us to grow internally but also in our service to the community by providing the sangat we serve a look into their own communities health. 

    “Community Health Worker Project” – Fostering Closer Conversations
    One of our pilot projects this year is recruiting 10 community members to participate in bi-weekly home health screenings and dialogues with a community health worker.  We aim to provide individualized, patient-centered care to promote disease management and an increased quality of lifes by utilizing motivational dialogue, monitoring, and support systems. In particular will be following their blood sugar control, medication adherence ability, health literacy through verbal discussion, and awareness and accessibility of community resources.

    “Pan-BPSHI Conference 2018” - Coming Together to Move Forward 
    Every year our leaders and volunteers come together to share their collective efforts so that we may work towards building stronger resources. This year we aim to align on our mission, vision, and values as an organization and continue to focus on including voices from all aspects of our community, including healthcare professionals and community members.

    Your funding has propelled these projects and has allowed us to not only serve more people but also to continuously evaluate and improve our efforts. Thank you for allowing us to be of service to our community.

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