Fascinating Folktales of Punjab

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The purpose of this project is two folds:
1. Expand children's association with Gurmukhi script and Punjabi language to their everyday life via fun stories and beautiful illustrations. The love and understanding they will develop of the language will help them understand and relate to Gurbani in an easier way.

2. Preserve ancient folktales of Punjab that have been handed down from generations orally but are dying due to lack of focused effort to document and share them.

Our tales are full of life lessons, preserve authentic Punjabi language, life style, flora, and fauna in vivid illustrations that children get attracted to and absorb effortlessly. These stories are told poetically so children will memorize them easily and intuitively expand their vocabulary. They are also great tools for grandparents to connect to their younger generations.

Our books are printed on heavy art board in full color and gloss lamination with soy-based ink - to be a part of your family for all times to come.

Your donation is needed to continue this work and bring high quality Punjabi literature in the hands of your children and connect them to their Motherland and Mother tongue.

Many thanks for your support.

Gurmeet Kaur
Author, Creator, Publisher

ps: Please keep in touch via FB at https://www.facebook.com/FolktalesOfPunjab

We are now taking pre-orders of 30 sets or more at a discounted price. Please contact us for details.

Budget Breakdown:

Books Design, Illustrations, Content Writing, Editing, Proofing, Translations. Digitization - $4000
Printing, Binding, ShrinkWrapping - $10,000
Shipping and Clearance HongKong to USA - $3000
Promotion and Supporting Expenses - $1000
  • 11/13/2020

    Please donate NOW to take #JSKTheBook to Punjab

    Dear Supporter,
    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

    Thank You for your support to the Fascinating Folktales of Punjab. Have you heard about our new and exciting book on the life and times of Jaswant Singh Khalra that teaches children about the history of 20th century Punjab in an inspiring way?

    Please click here to watch  the book trailer and learn more about how we want to take this book to every child in Punjab.


    From NOW (Nov. 13 2020) until the funds run out into The Dasvandh Week, your donations to our project will be matched (see details below).

    Upto $250 per person will be matched by DVN until their matching funds run out and the code DVWEEK20 is entered. 

    Please remember:
    Matching Code, DVWEEK20, during the checkout process must be entered at checkout to receive matching fundsSingle donor matching limit is $250.
    If you want to donate more, please split the donation with your family members or friends. Please ask your friends or family members to do the same. Any amount is appreciated. Thank You,

    Gurmeet Kaur
    Team Pippalwww.pippal.org



  • 11/14/2018

    Thank You - You have made a difference

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

    In February of 2018, I took another leap of faith, because I knew you were there for me. You enabled me to dream of extending the Fascinating Folktales of Punjab project to our home land – where Punjabi is dying at a fast rate, where children’s right to their mother language is being taken away from them in the name of modern education — to Punjab, but NOT just East Punjab, also to the West Punjab.

    It is probably for the first time that someone has attempted to create children’s literature with such beauty in both the scripts of Punjabi language – Gurmukhi & Shahmukhi, along with English translations.

    The books were received well. With your help we reached out to thousands of children. But we are not stopping. We aim to reach thousands more.

    Please see what a difference these books are making to excite children towards #ਮਾਂਬੋਲੀ_ਪੰਜਾਬੀ 


    Your donation this year will enable us to reach to children in remote areas of Punjab who do not have access to good quality reading material via reading to them and engaging them in Storytelling performances.

    In the last 4 days to make a difference - please spare a couple coffees a month for the love of Maboli Punjabi.

    Please help us reach our goal.

    Donate as little as $10/mo to make an impact. Your generosity can help us win additional funds by DVN who is rewarding organizations with maximum number of recurring donations.

    Please make a small recurring donation now. 

    IMPORTANT - Use the matching code DVBONUS18

    Thank You, so much for being there for this project and enabling me to continue with this seva for the sixth straight year.

    To many more years of serving Maboli Punjabi with your support.


    Yours Truly,

    Gurmeet Kaur

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I. S. $840.00 November 2014
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P. N. $500.00 November 2014
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P. N. $200.00 August 2014

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