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Welcome back to the everlasting, inspiring and riveting tale of Bhai Taru Singh Ji: the story worth re-telling. A phenomenal "3D CGI Animation" remake with redesigned sound & special effects is now ready for worldwide cinematic release. It took 40 people, four studios and 2 years to create another masterpiece by Vismaad.

We are looking towards our Gursikh brethren (sadh sangat) crowd fund the release cost of $160,000. We wish you to become a part of history in making this movie reach the masses.

The venture is not-for-profit as all earnings are invested in creation of more inspiring movies. Many registered Sikh Charities share this noble vision with Vismaad and have partnered for the cinematic release of Bhai Taru Singh ji.

* $25: Shoutout
* $50: Shout-out on social media
* $250: T-shirts + all of the above
* $500: Donor’s caricature by Vismaad + all of the above
* $1000: Framed painting + all of the above
* $2500: Mention in end credits + all of the above
* $5000: Mention in beginning credits + all of the above


1. Why crowdfund a re-release of Bhai Taru SIngh?

Since these projects are intended to serve the sole purpose of propagating sikh history among the panth/audience and inspire learning and sikh living, it is our collective responsibility to make sure such projects see the light of day.
The re-release is happening because we want to take the impact we saw with the initial release to a wider audience and this time, we’ve also added 3-D animation/effects to the movie. Bhai Taru Singh ji’s tale changed lives and awakened the sikh spirit within the sangat that saw the movie and we hope to see more inspiring stories with this re-release.

2. Is a studio running this campaign with you?


3. When will Bhai Taru Singh be released?

January 2018 (Tentative)


1. When will I get my perks?

As with all crowdfunding campaigns, there’s always a chance that schedules will change but based on the completion of this campaign, here’s when you can probably expect to receive your perks:


2 WEEKS BEFORE RELEASE. ?We'll send this stuff out about 2-4 weeks before the movie comes out, so that you have it in time for opening night.

Caricature, Paintings, etc

6-8 WEEKS AFTER RELEASE?We can't send these out until after the movie is released in theaters.

Are all of the rewards available in all countries?


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