Nad Music Institute

Manjit Singh
Mukilteo, Washington, US

Nad Music Institute aspires to bring forth the authentic form of Kirtan as practiced by Sikh Gurus through research and collaboration.

Since 2018, we are actively performing research on basic musical signatures in Guru Granth Sahib like Rag, Dhuniyan, Ghar etc. We offer specialized courses for learning traditional Sikh music under Master-Disciple tradition (Guru-Shishya parampara). We have collaborated with traditional musicians to promote new recordings of Guru Nanak  Sahib’s Sabads on his 551th Prakash Divas.

Please visit for details of past, current and future projects.

Please donate generously. Nad Music Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your donations are tax exempt. 

Here is a list of past projects that Nad Music hosted on Dasvandh Network: 

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Name Donate Amount Date
G. S. $25.00 July 2021
G. S. $25.00 June 2021
G. S. $25.00 May 2021
G. S. $25.00 April 2021
G. S. $25.00 March 2021
G. S. $25.00 February 2021
G. S. $25.00 January 2021
Anonymous $25.00 December 2020
GP Singh $1,000.00 December 2020
G. S. $25.00 December 2020
Anonymous $100.00 November 2020
G. S. $25.00 November 2020
Harbans Lal $500.00 November 2020
Barinderjit Virk $250.00 November 2020
Anonymous $250.00 November 2020
Harpreet S $250.00 November 2020
Anonymous $101.00 November 2020
Parminder Dhillon $101.00 November 2020

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