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Your Donations

Your donations to Kaur Life will help to empower young Kaurs across the world! Funds are used to pay our long-form writers, photographers, guest speakers, retreat costs, and to cover website maintenance. Next year, Kaur Life hopes to offer regular gurbani vichars, book clubs, virtual paat sessions, and more, once we are able to hire a Director of Community Development in 2021. Your support will help us achieve our mission of empowering and connecting Kaurs to live a gurmat-centered life.


Established in 2014, Kaur Life is the premier Sikh women’s publication, infused with gurmat and tailored for young Kaurs. Kaur Life  strives to be a space where Kaurs can express their ideas, share stories, and learn more about their Sikh culture to empower themselves.

Kaur Life is primarily user-run, meaning that the public and Kaur Life readers submit content to be published on the website. Whether it’s interviews, essays, articles, or photography, Kaur Life wants to feature it. 

Kaur Life's Mission

  • to provide Kaurs with resources to guide them on their Sikh journey
    to capture and document narratives, experiences, and histories of Kaurs
    to feature examples of high-achieving Kaurs to inspire other Kaurs
    to develop thought-provoking articles that facilitate discussion on Kaur-issues
    to create a community of belonging and friendship of Kaurs that facilitates growth, partnership, and teamwork


Kaur Life's Vision

To have a world where:

  • Kaurs are empowered with self-confidence and the spirit of Sikhi to embrace challenges and pursue their dreams
  • Kaurs are supported and celebrated in every aspect of life
  • Kaurs are steadfast and solid in their identity as Sikhs
  • Kaurs have the opportunity to live up to their full potential



Humbling Words of Support

  • "Fabulous- where have you been all my life????" K. P.
  • "I appreciate your page and the way you showcase and uplift Sikh women," O.D.
  • "Such a valuable resource for young girls. I’m so glad you are doing this."
  • "This website has helped me so much; you guys have been a mentor for me. Thank you."
  • "I have been following Kaur Life for a very long time and it helps alot. Makes me feel like i'm not alone. It inspires me and motivates me," A. M.
  • "I really enjoy my time reading and reflecting on all of the articles. Thank you for creating this space for all of us Sikh women who are too often pushed to the sides and bringing our issues to the center," A. Kaur.
  • "This website has helped me navigate so many questions and contradictions of life, and exposed me to the most incredible Sikh womxn and the revolutionary work they are doing. Kaur Life has also been an immense resource in tracing and understanding the Sikh roots of my visions of activism, of collectivism and solidarity work, and for that I will be forever grateful," G. Kaur.


  • 08/26/2021

    New Milestone

    Kaur Life hit a huge milestone recently with 15,309 followers on Instagram! An all time high!

    That means more folks are getting to know about our awesome writers and their articles. Like Baani Kaur's "How to Navigate Emotional Ebbs and Flows of Life with Sikhi", or "Olympic Kaurs" or "My Favorite Things about being Sikh".

  • 03/05/2021

    Women in the Farmers Protest

    The Kissan Morcha (Farmers Protest) in India has gripped many of us. At Kaur Life we are moved and inspired by all of the farmers fighting for their rights. We wanted to feature a few people who are often overlooked by the media, specificially we wanted to feature women, Kaur, and Dalit stories. So, Kaur Life is currently working with several writers, photographers, and journalists in Delhi to get an inside look into the lives, motivations, and inspirations of the protestors. Check out our coverage: https://kaurlife.org/tag/farmer-protest/


  • 01/01/2020

    2020 - Year In Review

    2020 started off strong as Kaur Life launched into its 6th year of seva. We co-hosted the Surat Sikh Conference and served as their workshop advisor and developer. The theme this year was, "Kaurs & Singhs: Equality & Equity in Sikhi". Kaur Life also hosted 3 Instagram Live events to interact with the community in a more engaging way.

    In January, Kaur Life fulfilled one of its goals of hiring a core group of content creators. 14 Kaurs and Singhs signed up to be contract writers.

    Then COVID19 hit and many of our writers' lives were thrown into chaos. As they paused their writing to take care of their loved ones, the larger Kaur Life sangat stepped up. Amazingly, Kaur Life readers submitted enough volunteer content that Kaur Life achieved a growth in article publication this year. Major article themes included the Indian farmers' protest, Sikh transgender issues, & Black Lives Matter.

    As the year went on, the Kaur Life community was longing for ways to connect during a time of isolation. So in August, Harleen, Isha and Lakhpreet, along with a team of dedicated sevadars, hosted the first ever Kaur Life retreat - virtually. 200 people registered for 3 workshops to learn from 10 guest speakers. The retreat received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Check out the website for a summary.

    Overall, in 2020 Kaur Life experienced growth across all metrics (see below).

    For 2021, we hope to continue this growth trajectory, build our core writing team, and engage the Kaur Life sangat with volunteer opportunities.

    Thank you all for your generous support! We couldn't have done this without your encouragement, donations, and guidance. 


    2020 Stats

    Anual growth goal: 10%

    New articles: 36 = 125%+

    Site Visits: 50,000 = 8%

    Istagram: 13,029 followers = 30%+

    Facebook: 11,467 followers = 2%

    Twitter: 3,078 followers = 8%


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